How To: Use Wordle to create word clouds

Use Wordle to create word clouds

This video tutorial belongs to the Computers & Programming category which is going to show you how to use Wordle to create word clouds. Go to Wordle and click on the 'create your own' link. In the first box, type in your text, and in the second box enter the URL of any blog, blog feed or any other web page that has an Atom or RSS feed. In the 3rd box enter your username, if you have one. After typing in, hit 'go' and you get your Wordle file with the words written in different styles. One way to edit this file is to go down to the bottom of the screen and hit the 'randomize' button. Each time you hit this button, it takes you to different color combinations, layouts and fonts. The other way of editing is by using the edit, language, font, layout and color tabs located on top of the Wordle file. To save the file click 'save to public gallery'. You can watch the video for more tips.

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