How To: Use the Wubi installer for Ubuntu

Use the Wubi installer for Ubuntu

This video describes basics about using Wubi installer for Ubuntu in Windows operating system.Wubi installer is usually used for Ubuntu family distribution installations.You can download Wubi installer from the Internet and then it will install all desired distribution automatically or you can run installer from CD or DVD.In this example Wubi is installed from Kubuntu live DVD.After inserting DVD into your computer's disk drive autoplay function offers to run Kubuntu installer. If you don't have autoplay option you can run installer manually, opening DVD from My Computer.Newer versions of Linux distributions have built-in Wubi installer.After installer is started you have two options - run demo version or install Kubuntu inside Windows.Choosing installation inside Windows opens window where you can select disk drive for installation, installation size (4 GB minimum, 8 GB for comfortable usage), desktop environment, installation language, username and password.After all configuration is set, click Install button.Installer will do the rest. This way of installation is very useful for Windows XP users, because they don't need to manage disk partitions, however Windows Vista allows to manage disk partitions quite easily too.It's worth to be mentioned that distribution will be installed in the format your disk drive currently use. Because if this, distribution will work a bit slower.In presenter's opinion using Wubi to install Linux distribution inside Windows is best solution for Windows XP users.To uninstall the distribution, click Start button, Control Panel, Add Remove Programs - and just uninstall distribution as any other application.

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