How To: Watch the First Episode of Black Sails a Week Early

Watch the First Episode of Black Sails a Week Early

I have been a fan of pirates ever since I downloaded my first movie on LimeWire. Wait, wrong pirates. I guess real pirates are pretty cool too. Johnny Depp brought pirates back into the spotlight with his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. And a Somali pirate from Captain Phillips got nominated for a Golden Globe.

So, to keep the pirate swagger in full-tilt, Michael Bay is bringing Black Sails to Starz. Coming off of his embarrassing performance at CES, Bay is hoping to win back some fans with a sex filled, violent, swashbuckling drama.

For those of you that cannot wait for the show to premiere on January 25th, you can catch an early preview of the first episode on the Machinima YouTube channel. You can catch the entire first episode on January 18th on Machinima, iTunes, and Amazon Prime. Aaarrgghhh!

And if you haven't seen the CES press conference. You're gonna wanna watch this.

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