How To: Write on someone's wall from your Facebook fan page

Write on someone's wall from your Facebook fan page

In this tutorial, learn how to use your Facebook Fan Page to comment and write on other people's walls like you would a personal account. Your fan page is linked to your personal page, and sometimes you don't want to use your real identity to write messages. Check out this clip and get the hang of a FB glitch that will allow you to "tag" your friends so you can write on their walls.

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Thanks a lot! This method works only with other "fan" pages' walls, though. I'm wondering if it's possible to post on "regular" people's walls... am I missing something? Thank you very much indeed for your support ^^

I just tried this. It works and posts to my fanpage wall ok. When I click through to the @fanpage, it's not there. I've already liked the @fanpage before I attempted the post. Can you help?

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