News: Google +1 Button Now Available for Websites

Google +1 Button Now Available for Websites

Google's sociable equivalent to the Facebook Like button is finally here, and it works very similar to your favorite social network's recommendation system, except it shows up directly in Google search results. Whenever your Google friend gives a website or webpage the +1, you'll see it in your search results, as long as you're signed into your Google Account.

Actually, Google's +1 has been around since March 30th, 2011, but the +1 button's placement was limited to search results and ads. Today, they finally released the developer's code so website owners can install the +1 on their site, making it easier for Googlers to refer what they love to their friends.

Google +1 Button Now Available for Websites

Any day now, you'll start seeing +1 buttons on your favorite websites, right next to those Facebook Like, Twitter and Digg buttons. The Washing Post, Huffington Post, O'Reilly Media, and Bloomberg are already using it, with Best Buy and others partnered to do the same. Also, people will soon be +1ing in the Android Market, Blogger and Product Search real soon, and especially on YouTube.

To add one to your site, create your custom +1 button here.

In order to start using the Google +1 button to give and receive recommendations, make sure to opt in. Right own, it's slowly rolling out for English-language searches only.

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