News: Google's New "Search Globe" Visualizes Search Volume by Country

Google's New "Search Globe" Visualizes Search Volume by Country

Want to see which country or city uses Google the most? Try Google's new eye-stimulating tool, Search Globe.

Google Search is the most widely used search engine on the web, with search queries coming from many different people living around the world, in many different languages. The Search Globe visually lays out the search volume for the day, with tall spikes showing where the most activity has been and colors representing the different languages.

There may be no activity at all in Antarctica, or in the internet-deprived Africa, but maybe one day you'll find colored spikes covering the blackness as the web becomes more accessible in those areas.

The best thing: Google has open-sourced the WebGL Globe platform for developers who want to build their own globes with their own data.

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