News: Hack a firewall & access blocked sites

Hack a firewall & access blocked sites


Yes, you can use google translator as a web based proxy or you could just go to and choose from a ton of free web based proxys there.

Dear Viewers,This instructional video is actually quite well-researched and may come indeed useful if, and I am not promoting this, you decide to do this at your filtered computer.Overall, the instructor was fairly funny and an all-around good video.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

this is an excellent tool as blocking software is becoming very arbitrary and ridiculously controlling

is anyone here

It just gets to be real annoying getting through my highschool blocks, so now i can use youtubefor "educational purposes"


i wanna know that how i can unblock sites and how i can make

Thank you Life Saver

dude i love video. thanks soooo much!!!

yup. my school has the ping blocked to. they also blocked right clicking and #$%@. it suxx

Hey this is a great idea. I am thinking about using the IP address idea because my school has FortiGuard or something like that. But i tried this at my house just to see if it would work. I typed in the IP address for facebook and it came up perfectly. but then i tried to login and it didn't work. it said it couldn't find the server at the page. any suggestions?

does anyone know if you have to log on with a user id,and you do this,can they find out who it is accessing the sites?

this is very cool.

i have a friend who works in the security service and he knows a lot about PC's and is looking at a way of tracking down where people are just from their email address.

this is not stalking - he is doing this to track down people who owe people money, to track criminals and predators etc.

it is very cool what you can do with a keyboard and internet connection these days.

that was SICK!!!!

except my school (is private with ALOT of money) has blocked everything that you show in this video! Help!!

Hehehe, I'll get all the office chicks into there facebook pages and be there hero!!!

how do i get past netnanny, none of these wil work thanks!

Thanks... Ill see on thrusday is Im able to get to some websites through it I ushaly use well a-z tunnels but the dont work no more.. Thanks

If i opened a blocked website at work, would IT know that i gained access to a blocked website. And would they know what website i opened. Last question, let's say if I wanted to look at somebody's profile like myspace and the profile is private, is there anyway i can gain access to open a private profile.

almost forgot to tell you my email add I love this, thanks for the info.

Never thought of that.... Genious my friend!

~fear the roundhouse

this is great for all people who want to go backdoor to get where they have to go.also on your home computer you can go backdoor on your existing security and still keep your chilrden safe !!!!!!!

work for a company that does not allow any internet use, says it monitors your use of the internet, now my question how do they do that or can they, can't mention the company might be watching

I will be trying this at school this week thanks

this is kind of random but i just got outta skool like last week..... if i found this video a couple weeks ago! also my skool can get a print out of what sites the studends have been to. so will it show up or no?

and i forgot one thing i just did the google mexico thingy. when i changd es to en it said it does not support this function. but i figgured out that u can change es to en and en to es and it still works

good video!!!!!!!!!!

I still believe <a href="">IP Privacy</a> is the best tool to access blocked websites.

hello there!!!last day,i'm using ultra surf to bypass my college's wifi.Today,i'm using ultra surf but i got a problem that it cannot connect to the server..i hope anyone can help me...

Have anyone here can help me because i'm have to use the internet to learn to build own sofware.

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