News: How to Increase Wi-Fi by Up to 3 Miles

How to Increase Wi-Fi by Up to 3 Miles

Ok, so this may not be a how-to but more of a product review, but the device does give you some serious range on your Wi-Fi.

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I'm sure most of you already knew and maybe there are some that didn't I accidentally dropped the IP address of my network host in the command line the other day and unexpectedly my pc turned it's attention to him as if it was supposed to be doing it the whole time. The most interesting part of it was after about an hour of hacking away at it I found myself capturing data packets. Had no idea the Command Line was a sniffer. Food for thought. For those knew to it as well try this.

Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up Cmd. Then " airmon-ng stop wlan0 " to stop your wireless monitor mode. At this point you 'll see on your screen the specifics of your network adapter. Then run" airodumo -ng wlan " and your sniffing packets. But be careful. I got caught off guard with no cover. Not good!!! Good luck.

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