News: Trace any IP address

Trace any IP address

It works. Very cool. Thanks, Kip. You will get to the nearest subnet of the ISP.

You will not get to the actual street address.

Uncle Sam is protecting the last few hundred yards of your privacy.

Trace any IP address

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i traced my IP address and it says I live in they Hollywood Hills, up in laurel canyon. Sounds good to me.

hi.........i won a disccus

Hi. Thanks for that. I've tried it and works fine - but just one point I'd like to make: you can type in the website name instead of the IP address (either is acceptable). So no need to go to tracert to find the IP address.


Cool, but how to you do this on mac...?

Lol! It traced the whitehouse and thought it was in europe. Then it traced the website I made a bit ago (in my old house, not too far from here, still in california), and it thought it was in Arizona. >XD Wtf?

the site is dead anyway

just numbers no letters

it aint working for doesn gimme a option to lookup for an ip...

coolz XD

hmm, the ip tracer says that the ip adress of the white house now is in Romoos, Switzerland. If you trace the IP you will see the exact place. How is this possible, is this normal?

Your vid. should just say that to search for a reverse IP address look-up site. now requires a sign-up fee.

how can i trace an ip address for ym. my account has been hacked and they are using my account for a fraud.

This is great and all, but every time I try to use this through my laptop my requests time out. Any suggestions?

Pretty Useless unless you wanna stalk someone who reported your vid on youtube and kill them.

how can i search in the city of the IP address that i scanned? i tried it in but it only shows my IP address and i havent found search box.

hey this is good! i have traced the IP address of the white house....but i searched for the city address of the white house in but it only shows my ip address and nothing else....where did u get that search box to find the exact location of the place already change ...

you could just use nslookup command and get the IP faster

Dis is FRAUD!

Thought I'd try it out using my own websites. It locates me to a forest in Germany!! Not even in the same country. It does tell me however that I own it, which is nice to know.

LOL I've read so many stupid comments on this.

Honestly all of you who say you use your own website. If you did have your own website then you would know that this IS the right thing.

If however you don't have the server in your house, or how badlads is, in another country. Then guess what. Chances are, thats where the server that everyone connects to in order to get to your site is.

Also, if you don't have your own IP (your internet service provider either 1, randomly assigns you one each time you connect or 2. gives you a static IP that doesnt change.) If you have 1, itll trace the company, if you have 2 theres a good chance itll trace you.

If you DONT know how this works, dont call it a fraud, dont say it doesn't work. It locates the WEBSITES address, not the creators.

ah and for some reason it wont let me edit,

if the server isn't located in your house then you are an idiot for thinking that it would trace the ip to your house.

waiting to see how many -1's this comment and the one above will get, itll clue me in on how many people did this. People rarely get mad at things that aren't directed at them. But if the insult includes them then theyll hit thumbs down :)

he kept saying dubudiyou-dubudiyou-dubudiyou (WWW) and iy made me luagh, XD
he says it funny.......

just go to and look it up in the trace now box

cool i live in the same city that the vid showed lol. im actually a few blocks from what seems to be MIT on the vid.

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