How To: Watch the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Right Now

Watch the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Right Now

This year's NFL playoffs have been nothing short of spectacular. With Super Bowl XLVIII coming up on Sunday, February 2nd, people are already gearing up for another classic showdown between the NFC and AFC, and this time it's the Seattle Seahawks versus the Denver Broncos.

Of course, no Super Bowl would be complete without the highly anticipated and ridiculously expensive Super Bowl commercials. From the perfect Star Wars VW ad of 2011 to the classic Apple spot from 1984, the Super Bowl commercials have become a viewing event all on its own. Last year's commercials were great, but this year's could possibly do them one better.

Sneak Peeks for the Super Bowl 48 Commercials

If you can't wait until the big game day on February 2nd to see all of the ads, you can catch a bunch of teasers for commercials that will be airing at this year's Super Bowl right now via YouTube's Ad Blitz channel.

The Ad Blitz channel will be the "one-stop shop" for all teasers and commercials for this year's Super Bowl. More will be added in the days leading up to game day.

Super Bowl Ads We Can Expect to See

This teaser is from Squarespace, and takes on the world of Internet memes. Is this just a shorter version of what will come on game day?

This one by Axe is expected to be seen on game day as is, with the tagline, "Make love, not war with new Axe Peace."

And here's another teaser, this time by Jaguar, featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, with other "British villains" Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston to be expected on the big game day, as well.

And most recently, Bud Light's attempt at winning back beer drinkers with a "hidden camera" commercial depicting a "non-actor" being unsuspectingly taken by a girl he met in a bar to a party limo with Reggie Watts and "bachelorettes," meeting Minka Kelly, seeing Don Cheadle and his llama, playing Arnold Schwarzenegger at ping pong, and listening to OneRepublic. Yeah, right.

The Super Bowl is the only time—and I mean only time—that watching commercials isn't such a tortuous experience. So, check out YouTube's Ad Blitz channel to see more teasers and commercials leading up to game day on February 2nd, and to watch the official ones as they air during Super Bowl 48.

If you're traveling or won't have a TV on game day, check out our guide to watching Super Bowl XLVIII online or on your mobile device.

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