News: Facebook Photo Album Hacked (You Can Do It, Too)

Facebook Photo Album Hacked (You Can Do It, Too)

When the much buzzed Facebook profile page redesign was released back in December, French artist and co-director of ad agency La Bande Originale Alexandre Oudin came up with an innovative way to maximize the visual possibilities of the page. His clever "hack" created a ripple effect of copycats across the web.

Facebook Photo Album Hacked (You Can Do It, Too)

The ingenious addition of the video mouth piece quickly followed, created by Stinson Design, a PowerPoint presentation design agency:

The latest deviation is a montage by Nir Refuah, creative director of advertising agency McCann Erickson in Tel Aviv. Refuah and his team manipulated their company's photo album to depict the classic game of Snakes and Ladders.

Facebook Photo Album Hacked (You Can Do It, Too)

It's fairly simple to do yourself—design a layout, take the photos, use the Photoshop crop tool to "cut out" your "puzzle", and then put your puzzle pieces back together when you upload them to your photo album. For a quicker and easier personalization method, stick with the simple profile hack. With the aid of website FBcrop and the below instructional video, you can create your own customized profile page in a heartbeat.

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