How to : Avoid SEO Mistakes You Should

Avoid SEO Mistakes You Should

Search Engine Optimization is important for every successful SEO or blogging campaign. Therefore it is required to be implemented in the correct manner. Google consider many factors while ranking a webpage and it keeps on changing. Some of the common SEO mistakes which you must avoid are as follows:

1.Buying Links:

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You might get some short term boost in the ranking of your website by buying links, but in reality you are playing a very dangerous game as the paid links are flagged by the Google's bots and the team of the company look for questionable linking patterns everyday.

2.Automated tags:

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Most of the beginners use to write a post with a title having long chain of words. It is required to write the title in short with the focus on optimizing the title using the keywords which you are trying to target.

3.Duplicate content:

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Most of the people don't copy the exact content, but they try to rewrite the content from a single source. During the rewriting process, there are chances of publishing the similar keywords, topic and title. So, it is recommended not to rewrite from a single source, instead try to write the content by consulting different sources and then write after reading all of them. Moreover, you can add your own examples and experiences to make your content unique.

4.Sacrificing content:

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It is important to have an appealing design for your blog as it attracts the users. If your blog is not appealing or attractive then the content also will not be any of the use even though the content is of high quality. Don't overflow the page with graphics and images as it can slow down the opening speed.

5.Keyword Stuffing:

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This is one of the most common mistakes which is done and affects your ranking. If you really want to rank your keywords higher, then create a separate page for every keyword and then optimize it. Rather than creating hidden texts, create useful pages with the keyword implemented in the content.

There are many other mistakes which users make such as not updating the site map, grammatical errors in the content of the website, broken 404 pages, spacing or heading etc. All these mistakes are common and distract the users from using your site. These SEO mistakes might look small but should not be ignored.

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One more point: do not copy your article title (h1) to the meta-tag title.

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