How To: Hack a 64 bit WiFi wireless network using Ubuntu v. 9.04

Hack a 64 bit WiFi wireless network using Ubuntu v. 9.04

Oh how we love open source software. If it wasn't for Open Office, we never would have been able to write that seven-page English paper while on our friend's Microsoft Office-lacking laptop during an impromptu road trip to Mexico. And Ubuntu, an open source secure operating system, offers you similar convenience. A much more intuitive computer operating software than your standard Windows or Mac OS, Ubuntu is great if you know what you're doing.

You can even use Ubuntu to hack free WiFi. Check out this video to learn how to hack a 64 bit encrypted wireless network.

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There are numerous Wi-Fi hacking "How to's" on Null Byte, so that you can learn to do it your self. Check out these tutorials .

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