How To: Kill boredom with weird and random websites

Kill boredom with weird and random websites

This is a video tutorial in the Computers & Programming category where you are going to learn how to kill boredom with weird and random websites. This video lists 11 such websites and explains what each one does. The 1st one is Zigzagphilosophy. This site allows you to make a lot of zig zag lines on the screen by moving your mouse. #2 omglasergunspewpewpew. On this site you use the mouse to control a squirrel on the screen and use the left click to shoot a laser. The #3 site is allemande and all it does is a red ball bouncing off a green bar and making "Boing" "Boing" sound. You cannot control the ball. Some of the other sites shown in the video are annoyingcursor, dodgethedot, ascii, and mirrormouse.

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these are really some awesome websites ,,,

i have also make a list of such cool funny websites ,, you can take a look at it here

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