How To: Make an ethernet patch cable

Make an ethernet patch cable

The following video is about making an Ethernet patch cable using RJ45 cable tool, category 5,5e or 6 cable, RJ45 connectors and optionally a scissors and cable tester. First of all, measure out the length of cable needed for your purpose and then cut it. Strip out the outer insulation of the cable using a cable tool. After stripping the insulation, sort the eight wires inside it in the order orange-striped, orange, green-striped, blue, blue-striped, green, brown-striped and brown. Cut off any of the excess insulation. Then place the RJ connector over the wires. Make sure that the wires are arranged in the correct order as mentioned. Then remove the connector and then trim off the ends of the wires so that they have an equal length. Or else there will be chance of not making an even connection with all the pins of the connector. Then place the RJ connector back over the wires and also check once more that the wires are in the proper order. After making all the necessary checks, use the cable tool to make the connector tightly fixed on to the wire. Make sure that the connector will not come off easily. Repeat the same process on the other side of the wire also. If you have a cable tester, attach the ends of the wire on to it and ensure a solid connection. If the connection is bad, just remove the ends and repeat the process.

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