How To: Navigate Gmail like a pro

Navigate Gmail like a pro

There are many tips and tricks on the best way to use your Gmail. In order to use the tips provided you will need to have the newest version of Firefox or Google Chrome for them to work. There are three tips that can help you maximize your Gmail funtionalities and help you save time.

When composing an email and you want to add a file, the standard way is to browse through your files to locate it and then attach it. Now you can drag and drop your file into the email you want to send out.

There is an invitation feature that allows you to plan an even with friends that have shared their calendars with you. Just enter their names in the "To" field in an email and insert an invitation and you'll be able to see who is available to better plan your event.

The third tip will is in the Labs section which is called "Message Sneak Peek". Enable that lab feature and you will be able to right-click your email and see a preview of it without having to open it.

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