How To: Watch Replays of the 2012 Presidential Debates Online

Watch Replays of the 2012 Presidential Debates Online

The last presidential debate of 2012 is over between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Governor Mitt Romney. Now it's up to you to choose your candidate by election day on November 6th, 2012, and more importantly—VOTE!

If you missed any of the live streams, or just want to listen to them again, you can watch replays of all three presidential debates below, along with the only vice-presidential debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan.

Watch the Full Replay of the 3rd & Final 2012 Presidential Debate (10/22)

The third and final presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney took place on October 22nd at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida and focused on foreign policy. Watch the replay right here:

Watch the Full Replay of the Second 2012 Presidential Debate (10/16)

The second presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney took place on October 16th, where they squared off in a town hall style debate at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. Watch the replay right here:

Watch the Full Replay of the 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate (10/11)

The only debate between the vice-presidential candidates, Vice-President Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan, took place in Danville, Kentucky on October 11th and focused on foreign and domestic policy. Watch the replay right here:

Watch the Full Replay of the First 2012 Presidential Debate (10/3)

The first debate between the presidential candidates took place at the University of Denver on October 3rd and focused on domestic policy. Watch the replay right here:

Debate Schedule

Here's the full schedule of the 2012 debates:

  • October 3rd - Presidential Debate (concluded)
  • October 11th - Vice-Presidential Debate (concluded)
  • October 16th - Presidential Debate (concluded)
  • October 22nd - Presidential Debate (concluded)

In order to hear the candidates go head-to-head again, make sure you mark your calendar and tune in—there are plenty of ways to watch, so no excuses. If you don't want to watch the stream above, check out below to see more of your options.

How to Watch the 2012 Presidential Debates

The debates will be aired on several television channels, such as ABC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, and PBS. So, if you have cable or a decent coat-hanger antenna, you should be good. If not, they will also be aired through a number of live streams online too, which you can browse below.

Watch the Debates on YouTube

YouTube will be streaming all of the debates live through the Election Hub channel, thanks to ABC News, who will be live-streaming all four debates on their own YouTube channel, ABC News, as well.

Not only that, but you can also watch them live with separate unique commentaries through one of their eight partners: ABC News, Al Jazeera English, BuzzFeed, Larry King, New York Times, Phil DeFranco, Univision and the Wall Street Journal (with links for each at the top of the page).

You can also watch the live stream from YouTube on your mobile device. If you received a new iPhone 5 or update your old iPhone to iOS 6, make sure to download the YouTube application, since it is no longer automatically added to your homescreen (thanks Apple).

Other Websites Streaming the Debates

If you want a unique debate experience, you can hop over to the Sunlight Live Project, which will have live fact-checking during the debate.

Watch the Debates on Your Mobile Device

As already mentioned above, you can simply use the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device to live stream the debates on YouTube, or you can try out one of the below alternatives.

  • ABC News will stream the debates on their iPad app.
  • The Wall Street Journal will stream them on their iPad and Android apps.

If you want to provide feedback during each debate, you can use the Peel companion app for Android or the Ponderoo app for iOS.

Or... Watch the Debates on Your Xbox!

For the first time, Xbox LIVE will provide gold members with their Election 2012 Hub on Xbox LIVE—an online experience where users can interact during the live debate.

Image via

You can find it directly through the Xbox LIVE dashboard.

Where Are You Watching the Debates?

Got a better place to stream the debates? Let us know.

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