Forum Thread: How Do I Begin Hacking?

Hello everyone, I have been reading and going to this site for a few months now and I finally joined. I always read great articles in the Grey Hat aspect of this site, and i have been inspired to dive deeper into the culture of hacking and programming. I want to know how to hack, but i do not know where to begin. I am a pretty decent programmer in HTML, and i am beginning to learn how to program in Python and Javascript. I am hoping that someone will be able to show me the basics of hacking, so one day i can do more advanced hacks and post my own How-To's on this site. Thank you people for inspiring me!

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so you are basically showing people how to hack into otherpeoples private accounts and how to steal free trial subscriptions after they are no longer free? How nice of you to teach people how to steal and lie?? No wonder the world is the way it is...Good job..(psyche)

as sharp as the devil himself??? Sounds like he is one of your best buddies????? MAyb work for you here on the earth but believe me, God is watching and you wont want hi for your buddy when you take your last breath, Good luck with all of that...

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