How To: 2 Ways to Save Vimeo Clips to Cloud Storage with One Click

2 Ways to Save Vimeo Clips to Cloud Storage with One Click

Step 1:

First in first, you have to install a Chrome browser, and download Ballloon from official site

You can also download it at Chrome Web Store

Step 2:

Authorise your cloud storage after Ballloon is installed.

Step 3:

You will find the hover icons on each clip of Vimeo

Step 4:

Now, you can click on the icon of the cloud storage you have authorized to save any clip to the cloud storage you chose, what's more, you can choose and create the target folder. Attention! To save videos successfully, you will have to click the play button before you click the hover icon, otherwise, the file you saved will remain an html file.

Second Method

Click the Download button under the video, a pop-up will show up with the format options. Right click on the preferred format, and you will see Ballloon's logo comes with "save link to" in the context menu. Choose the cloud storage you authorised and the video go straight to that cloud.

Is it handy?

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