HowTo: Make a Viral Video Smash Hit

Make a Viral Video Smash Hit

Uproxx recently posted a guide to making popular YouTube video, and I have to say, I'm not surprised that the models of success include web culture faves such as babies, cats and zit popping.

Uproxx breaks it down into three steps (video examples included):

Step 1 Find a Niche Fanbase That Hasn't Been Exploited Yet.

"You would be amazed how much unexplored (and more importantly unexploited) demographics are still left on YouTube. For example, have you ever considered achieving YouTube fame by zit popping? Yeah, exploding pimples are all the rage on YT and had been for quite some time now..."

Step 2 Never Underestimate the Power of Cuteness.

"You want to know what is one of the most famous videos on YouTube, with well over 100 million views, 140 000 written comments and 140 video responses? A 100 second video of a baby laughing. Don't have a baby yet? Let's consider the alternatives. Exploiting animals can be your ticket instead..."

Step 3 Be Original And Put Some Work Into Your Videos.

"ItsJustSomeRandomGuy is the YouTube handle of Michael Agrusso, a Los Angeles voice acting teacher and writer whose videos are racking in hundreds of thousands of views each. What does Agrusso do exactly? He plays with superhero action figures for the camera. His videos are short, very clever and about 4 different types of funny, but above all else, original."

Click through for the full guide.

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