News: 10 Google Privacy Settings You Should Know About

10 Google Privacy Settings You Should Know About

Google has caught a lot of flack for various privacy infringements over time. Google Buzz was the latest uproar, when lack of proper prior testing allowed the tool to expose a slew of information users did not necessarily want shared, resulting in massive complaints. A Harvard student even went so far as to file a lawsuit (read more).

10 Google Privacy Settings You Should Know About

In another recent example, Italy recently convicted three Italian Google execs for failing to protect privacy as a fundamental human right (read more: 1, 2).

There is absolutely no question Google offers many amazing, amazing things - Chilean earthquake victim aid, opportunity to travel the world remotely (from your living room), ability to explore planet Earth and much more.

However, privacy is a pertinent concern of many.

Lifehacker has created a simple guide for ensuring your most basic information is protected. Click through to learn about these top ten "privacy, convenience, and annoyance fixers" all Google users should know about:

  1. Control what Buzz says about you on the web.
  2. Back up Google apps' data.
  3. Turn off Search History, logged in or not.
  4. Link and integrate your apps.
  5. Set your default SMS location.
  6. Disable SafeSearch (or lock it in semi-permanently).
  7. Turn off Buzz, Chat, and Labs in Gmail.
  8. Prevent Android from automatically signing into Gchat.
  9. Fine-tune Google Apps for your domain.
  10. Turn off auto-displayed pictures from Gmail contacts.

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Nice tips. Google buzz is very much criticized but all must understand that its in beta version.

I heard about this. Google is acting like big brother and they record everything that you search.

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