Forum Thread: How to Be Safe Online 5 Tips from Experts

In Our Modern world computer and internet are some of the most important things Now a days. So most of the people use computer and internet in their daily life.But who thinks about their safety. Every user must follow some rules by using the most innovative invention ever , which is the internet. But there are some people who wants to do some bad things.They are called Crackers not hackers. So we want to get rid from their attacks and their programs. So we can move together to make a wonderful internet and a safe online world. Here we are providing some simple tips for staying safe online.And Share this video as much as you can and help us to create a better world and a better life.Visit Amms Tech Youtube Channel For Ethical Hacking Videos.

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I've seen more people get viruses trying to download free antivirus stuff that totally messes their computer up. This video really doesn't state anything very useful.

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