Forum Thread: Obtaining an IP in the Same Range as the Victim?

Hey guys,

I read every article on here about ip's and couldn't find the answer. So I humbly come too you. Is it possible for me to some how obtain and use an IP address in the same range as my victim?

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You have 3 ways, the good, the bad and the ugly

Good way: scan the victim's netblock for open proxys on common (possibly uncommon) ports.

Bad way: scan the victim's netblock for possible victims (misconfigured routers, weak passwords, vnc, ftp, ssh etc...) and exploit them. Use the infected box as pivot for your attack.

Ugly way: you have to drive / fly to a place near your victim, get same ISP, and hopefully you will be in same netblock. (not likely, but hey, told you it was ugly..)

Yikes. The reason I asked is because. Everyone is always asking how to hack. Gmal. Well if you know the person well enough or do some SE you can go to the forgot password link, fill it out and if you pass the security questions you can have them send the reset to ANY EMAIL. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE SAME NET BLOCK.

Use a proxy.
I can't post URLs, it's probably against the rules.
But there is a site out there, which is a paid for service, but worth it.

And it has IP Ranges from all over the world, it's very popular in the ahem.. underground forums, Anyhow, Do some googling on 'Proxy IP Ranges' :) and get as close to the person as possible.

You could also use a multi server VPN, but this will restrict you to the country only, and may still block you out.

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