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Forum Thread: How to Build a Free Eshop Using Dawinkelr

I run my own business and i needed an easy way to put it online without all the hazards of having to develop an eshop , i just need a simple solution to build it , so I came across daWINKELR , they are offering their services for free as they are in their beta version , but they are really promising , i managed to build an eshop in no time , and this is what this article about , simple 3 steps to get started Step 1: Register on Dawinkelr

Forum Thread: [Solved] This App Can't Run on Your PC Problem

This app can't run on this PC or this App Can't Run On Your PC, this problem is quite common. It occurs sometime, when try to download and install an application from unknown source. Then windows inbuilt software prevent these type of application to install on windows and give this error. There are many other reasons also which cause this problem.

Forum Thread: How to add all friends in a group with one click

How to add all friends to fb group at once- Facebook group is a great thing to be in contact with millions of people worldwide. When you make a group and want to add your friends in the group, that is sometimes a very difficult work because you have to add them by clicking on a single profile, that would be lengthy and difficult.

Forum Thread: Making Youtube Video (Comedy/Fun)

So a lot of people find it awkward to speak in front of a camera but i like to think i do it very well. The link below is my lastest video. Here are some tips below to help you if you are worried about starting. Feel free to also check out my channel / message me with any questions and i will do my best to help.

Forum Thread: How to enhance the security of an User Over the Internet?

Hello friends...starting with the question stated above, when i look at the normal level of internet users, there arises a strong need of securing the credentials over the network. Since we have many alternatives like TOR(secure browser) we can't assure our security there too. So what can be a better refinement that can enhance the level of security one step further?

Forum Thread: How to Be a Successful Internet Entrepreneur in 2016

Hello friends, in this tutorial you get 6 tips to become a successful internet entrepreneur in 2016. There are thousands and millions of eBooks and courses are present for online entrepreneurship but, if we are going to read then, it doesn't make sense. But, one thing you can do, you can easy understand these 6 tips for how to be a successful internet entrepreneur in 2016.

Forum Thread: Help, My Internet Is Down!!!

Hey Guys, I wanted to play a game which only possible as long as you've got internet connection. Bad thing is that mine is down. I also already used cmd with the commands netsh wlan show network mode=bssid and netsh wlan connect name=(and here the name) but it just says:

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