Forum Thread: How to Use the New Youtube Cards

As a creator, you've probably been using annotations to engage your viewers for years. Annotations looks ugly and have so many limitations and dont even work on mobile devices. To overcome all these limitations Youtube has recently launched "Cards".

Here is a quick video of how to setup cards and use them to get people to click on additional videos, links to your website, products and merchandise, and more. As per Youtube, Cards will eventually replace annotations once they can do everything annotations can do today. So what are you waiting for. lets get started without wasting much of our valuable time.

Advantages of using cards:

  1. Optimized for mobile
  2. Higher click-through rates
  3. Better interface for both the creator and the user.
  4. Availability throughout the video

Right now, you can choose from five types of cards:

  1. Video
  2. Playlist
  3. Channels
  4. Associated Website and
  5. Fan Funding

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