How To: Speak with auto-tune vocals in Skype

Speak with auto-tune vocals in Skype

Vofgofm33 shows viewers how to use autotune with Skype! First, select Mixcraft program and set up MixCraft for Autotune. First, you need virtual audio cable. Set this up and have the track audio on. Next, you will set your output to VAC. Then, you need to have where you want to use auto tune have input set to VAC - this will be Skype. This can also work with any program. For instance, you can use this with MSN, AIM or any where that you use your headset. When you need to get this effect on Skype, go to tools, options and go to audio settings. Change the microphone to Virtual Audio Cable. This makes it so whatever goes through mix craft will go to Audio. There will be a two second delay!

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