How To: Write a review online

Write a review online

Have an opinion and want the whole world to know it? You're not alone! There are many online outlets for you to type up your review, whether it be for a restaurant, play, movie, book or anything else you have recently experienced. Check out this video for tips on how and where to post your exciting review.
You Will Need
• Brevity
• Strong verbs, adjectives, and nouns
• Honesty
• Clarity
• Experience
• Clear voice
• Bulleted lists (optional)
• Boldface type (optional)

Step 1: Make it brief
Make the review as brief as possible to entice people to read it. Limit yourself to three or four important points.
Web sites often limit reviews to 500 words or less – in some cases, 200 words or less.

Step 2: Use strong words
Use strong verbs, adjectives, and nouns to describe everything with pinpoint accuracy.

Step 3: Be honest
Write positively or negatively about your subject – be honest and give a clear reason why you liked or disliked something.
Break up long passages of text with bulleted lists and highlight important points with words in bold or in all caps.

Step 4: Speak from experience
Speak from experience to an audience that is just like you and realize that, as the consumer, your opinion counts.

Step 5: Use the active role
Use the active voice and not the passive. Don't be afraid to inject humor and energy and have fun with it.

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