Forum Thread: How to Block All Comments on Facebook

We know that Facebook is a very useful social media site. This video will provide an idea how to block all comments on Facebook. Watch the video. Follow the steps not to allow spam or scam comment on your Facebook business page.

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My friend has a ex girlfriend with 8 kids, yes 8 !!!! And while with her he helped with 2 of them and actually even let them refer to him as daddy at age 5 or so for a short time and since then they split and he can't make these 2 go away.... They want money, clothes and now to care for their children with no father which he's sees them 1 time every 1-2 years at funerals only, They are now 25 and 22 with 3 children and want money only from him preferably by mails they have put pics on Facebook to embarrass him he and he has tried to get them removed and even deleted his accounts hoping his pics would be deleted but they were not

Now what he needs help to get rid of these mean people torturing by words and pics

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