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Hey guys I've been having trouble with this guy for a while, he has been harassing me and my girlfriend about stuff I did in the past, he claims to know me but I don't know who he/she is. I have been receiving emails from him/her, and it is frustrating because every email I get, I look in the header and I can't track the IP address because it is "Multicast" I am not THAT tech savvy but i need help to know if I could trace this IP

TL:DR I need help tracking a "Multicast" IP Address (If possible)

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well, if he/she is somewhat contacting you via emails as u mentioned above,then it is easy.
simply send a msg to him and the email using this service
First upload an image.
second, choose a pasword
third , type your email.

and click upload. u will get a link to that image and send it to him/her. (social engineer him/her like: this is my actual gf , what r u talking about? u r wrong!! blah blah blah)

As soon as he/she would click and see the image, u will get an email from the service about the IP information of the attacker.

good luck!!

oh my goodness it works!! :D

you knew who he is?
Edit: oops i didnt see the post time, so yeah just ignore my comments

happy Saturday... :-)


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