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News: Google Is Watching You

Google StreetView is watching everybody. In fact, Google captures so much, Jon Rafman has made art out of it. Rafman's blog 9eyes features the most interesting images found the cameras nine eyes (and no brain).

News: 11 Dirty Tricks Played by Crooked Web Designers

Ever been Privacy Zuckered? Roach Moteled? Friend Spammed? If you've been on the net long, odds are you have — and worse! Fortunately, there's a new resource for keeping track of the web's worst design practices; it's called "Dark Patterns" and it aims to "name and shame" sites that employ "user interfaces that have been designed to trick users into doing things they wouldn't otherwise have done."

News: 10 Google Privacy Settings You Should Know About

Google has caught a lot of flack for various privacy infringements over time. Google Buzz was the latest uproar, when lack of proper prior testing allowed the tool to expose a slew of information users did not necessarily want shared, resulting in massive complaints. A Harvard student even went so far as to file a lawsuit (read more).

News: Greetings and welcome

WonderDudes Mike and Ford say hello in this first of many Wonder Weekly video blogs. Each week we'll profile our most active members. We will go behind the scenes on people making amazing how-to videos. We will be exposing faux-to videos and hopefully spreading love and wonderment. Upload a profile picture to WonderHowTo.

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